May 27th, 2020


Летний онлайн-интенсив для юных ученых, владеющих английским

Летний онлайн-интенсив в британском колледже
The National Mathematics & Science College
для подростков 14-17 лет, интересующихся наукой
и планирующих поступление в лучшие университеты мира

Онлайн-курсы для подростков 14-17 лет, серьезно интересующихся математикой, химией, биологией или физикой.
Живые занятия с лучшими преподавателями колледжа, в основном кандидатами и докторами наук, готовящими к поступлению в лучшие университеты Великобритании и мира, включая Оксфордский и Кембриджский.

Обучение на английском языке, в международных группах. Необходимо владеть английским на уровне B1+ (в группах 14-16 лет) и B2+ (в группах 16-17). Количество участников строго ограничено (не более 30 человек).

Длительность обучения - 1 неделя, с 15 июня по 20 июня, 20 учебных часов.
Занятия проводятся с 10:30 до 16:00 по московскому времени.
Стоимость - 450 фунтов стерлингов.

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Mathematics | What they don’t teach you in High school

Sci-ber 1 and 2

We’ll take you through some of the killer techniques needed to vanquish
tricky algebra and geometry problems.

  • Learn some awesome geometric formulas and leave your friends saying ‘how did you do that so fast?’

  • Learn to exploit algebraic structures and be as lazy as possible when rearranging equations (who said being lazy was a bad thing?!)

  • Put sqrt(2) in your calculator. How does it know the answer? If this never bothered you before, it will now! Come along and find out.

A unique opportunity to focus on some of the best bits of mathematics that don’t make it into the high school curriculum.

Knowledge Requirement: Basic skills including expanding and factoring in algebra, solving equations, and some basic formulas for the areas of shapes.

Physics | An Introduction to Mechanics and Excel Modelling for
A-level Physics

Sci-ber 1 I An Introduction to Mechanics and Excel Modelling for A-level

We will introduce you to many of the key concepts in Mechanics, which is a
foundational topic to A-level physics. Study kinematics, the equations of accelerated motion, Newton’s laws of motion, and the idea of Energy!
After studying these ideas, you will be able to apply them to solve a variety
of exciting a conceptual problems. Try things you have never thought of before!
Lessons will be highly interactive and your teacher will work with you in real time using the OneNote software package. At the end of the course you will understand the idea of numerical modelling, using Microsoft Excel, and will be able to see how this can be a powerful tool in performing your calculations.

Knowledge Requirement: No prior knowledge of these topics will be assumed.

Sci-ber 2 | Applications of Numerical Modelling and Simulation in Pre-University Physics

We will review key principles in Mechanics, and then show how the concepts you have studied (work and energy; accelerated motion in one and two dimensions; Newton’s laws of motion; drag forces) can be applied to new situations. We will introduce you to numerical modelling (using Microsoft Excel), and will see how the process of modelling can make it easier to solve complex numerical problems. These skills will then be applied to a variety of scenarios which will be very useful for your future studies!

Knowledge Requirement: Some prior knowledge of these topics will be assumed.

Chemistry | Learn how to become a chemical detective

Sci-ber 1 and 2

You walk into a chemistry lab and pick up a bottle labelled magnesium oxide. You assume the label matches the identity of the powder inside, but how would you make sure? Welcome to the world of analytical chemistry. Analytical chemistry is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us.

In this course we will be delving into analytical techniques ranging from
chromatography to chemical tests to advanced instrumental techniques.
Analytical chemistry brings together many aspects of the chemistry syllabus as the separation and identification of a compound requires an understanding of its unique chemistry. Much like detective work, analytical chemistry involves collecting and piecing together the evidence.

The course not only covers the core content but will discuss experimental
techniques and provide you with interesting stimuli for discussion.
To gain the most from the course we hope that you will participate in experimental work using basic household chemicals and materials found around the home.

Knowledge Requirement: A basic understanding of chemistry. We will cover a basic introduction to organic chemistry including recognising functional
groups such as esters, alcohols and carbonyls.

Biology | How scientists are leading the fight against coronavirus

Sci-ber 1 and 2

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the impact a disease can have
on the worldwide economy and peoples lives. This course will look at the role scientists are playing in counteracting the spread of the disease. You will study the nature of viruses, the processes involved in the immune response and the techniques scientists are using to develop drugs and vaccines to control the coronavirus. Students will develop an overall understanding of the biology behind the coronavirus pandemic and will be equipped to understand new scientific findings as an when they come out.

Knowledge Requirement: You will need only a basic understanding of biology – an awareness of cells, DNA and evolution would be useful.

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